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E. Johnson_Muse » 8:29am 05-05-2017

Praise God for your marvelous and transforming ministry. I am so very blessed to be the English IV teacher to one of your young members who has continously shared his testimony with us here at Belaire High School. It has been a blessing to work with him this year; I am always blessed to hear him talk about his spiritual journey and most recent baptism.
I pray your youth ministry continues to prosper; surely, Ludrick is a perfect advertisement of the wonderful work which you are doing in the Mighty and Precious Name of The Fatherl
As he has extended the invitaton for me to visit on numerous occassions, I am hoping to visit with you very soon.
Ridge Wilson » 5:57pm 12-19-2016
Ridge feels 159% better REMBER the name the world will here my story don't know why the man above has been calling on me and I ignore the signs no more still not help me on my path
Ryan C. Richard » 6:43am 05-02-2016
Dear Pastor Guevara and Pastor Shannon I came to visit yesterday5/1/16 because Tyrica and Beverly Felder that are friends of mine invited me ! The invitation was a little over a month ago. Then justvyhis week I heard there name while praying so I called and have them my word I would come!
I'm so ever glad I did ! The presence of the Lord is Thick in the Assembly the Praises of the people are Loud and high ,the Word is Alive ,the Gifts of the Spirit flow,people are saved,prodigals come home ,and last but not least baptisms in the same few hours!!!
This is what we with the Mississippi Awakening Revival Tour see it's really just normal ! Our team consist of Brothers and Sister from different ministries and a mutitude of gift across racial lines we Love The Body of Christ and so much more The Christ ! We are a ministry that is Commissioned under Network Ekklisia International!
They asked me to come on board to Represent Louisiana of which I'm humbled and honored!
My point is we see Assemblies that let the Holy Spirit have it's way but it's rare !!!
Such a Blessing to have visited I look foward to the day Abba sends me back!

Multiplied Blessings To Y'all
Travis » 6:14pm 04-25-2016
If you can heal with just a touch you should be putting doctors in the Baton Rouge area out of business. Your a fraud.
Stephanie Jacquet » 12:49pm 02-21-2016
Good service. Will. Be back
Glenn Lamar Murph » 11:09pm 01-30-2016
Nice job Brother Glenn L . Murph ; Hampton, Ga.
1/29/2016 ETBC
I pray that God give you knowledge, wisdom and understanding as you lead his people.
SM » 6:48pm 01-18-2016
Such an awesome message Pastor Johnson. I could feel a tugging on the inside. I pray the Lord will do all that you are believing Him to do, keep preaching truth even when it's not popular
Lionel/Kiara Loving » 2:29pm 10-25-2015
Hi Dr. Johnson, i just wanted to say we are truly blessed to receive that message from God through Pastor Hall. We watched the video stream on the 23rd and we were so shocked he knew everything so we know God told him cause we never met Pastor Todd Hall but everything he said was true. We really wish we could've been there but we was out of town due to death in family.Let Pastor Hall know that we do exist and we received God's message and we shall receive everything that he has oin store for our family. Thank you Jesus and Thank yall for letting God speak through each and everyone of yall. We learn something new everytime we come to your service.
Minister John Knope » 6:08pm 06-06-2015
Don't let the opinions of others define who you are. God defined who you are & it's His opinion that counts...
Minister John C. Knope
Minister John Knope » 6:07pm 06-06-2015
Don't let the opinions of others define who you are. God defined who you are & it's His opinion that counts...
Minister John C. Knope
Joyce A. Powers » 12:01pm 11-16-2014
I'm away attending to family business but my heart is on Greenwell st..........I'm watching faithfully online!!!
Niyia Smith » 12:50pm 06-08-2014
No matter how many miles away I am from home, Via internet etc, this is home for me and always will be. It was a blessing this morning to be able to live stream, and watch what I grew up on and what I am use to!! Can't wait to visit home and have that full connection... Love Endlessly.... Niyia Smith and Family.... xoxoxo
Joy C Green » 12:40pm 06-08-2014
I learned so much today! Words can't express the joy I felt listening to you preach today Pastor. I am going to continue to fight the spiritual battle & cast away fear. I trust that God has already opened & sealed the spiritual doors in my life! I loved this message!
Joy C Green & Family » 11:59am 06-01-2014
I couldn't make it to church this morning, but I watched services online & I still felt the same spirit I feel when I'm there!! I'm so thankful for my new church home! I love you IFA
Claudette W. » 7:38pm 03-31-2014
Hello Pastor G. Johnson,

Oh how I remember those days of being in the midst of this kind of service. You are truly anointed and just by seeing you online the anointing was very present and powerful how awesome our GOD is. I am close with one of your members, Princetta Stewart, she is truly a humble woman of GOD I love her like a sister and I thank GOD for her and her family. I will visit your ministry soon.
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